Frequently asked questions.

Q. We currently have unpainted stucco on our home and would like to change the color. Which is the best, most cost effective way to achieve this, painting or re-finishing?

A. Re-finishing stucco is the recommended way to change the color of existing unpainted stucco. Properly installed stucco is designed to draw water in and then breathe the water back out. By painting the stucco you will have sealed the walls from breathing properly and now have a maintence issue. Painted stucco must have proper caulking along all termination points (windows, trim, doors, etc.) to keep water out, now that the walls have been sealed. Caulking manufacturer’s have unrealistic claims of 20-50 year life expectancy, in reality no caulking is 100% effective for these terms. You will need to check the caulking yearly and maintain it as needed. Properly installed stucco with a new finish coat does not require caulking of any kind and is virtually maintenance free.

Previously painted stucco needs to be pressure cleaned and all loose paint removed prior to applying a new coat of exterior paint. We apply top quality paints designed specifically for stucco as well as proper caulking of all terminations.

Q. I have vinyl siding on my house. I would like to have the siding removed and have stucco and stone installed. Do I need any additional support/bracing for the additional weight that will be added to our house?

A. No additional footer support or bracing is required to install stucco or stone to an existing residence. The stone we use is a veneer made with light-weight concrete and requires no additional footer. The stucco is also a light enough weight per square foot to not require any additional bracing.

Q. What maintenance is required with traditional stucco?

A. Properly installed stucco is virtually maintenance free. This is one reason stucco is such a highly desired exterior cladding. The only maintenance required would be pressure cleaning every 3-5 years or as needed.

Q. We are adding a room addition on the back of our house. The exterior of our house is stucco. Can the stucco texture and color on the new addition be matched to our existing house?

A. Yes, we are a third generation company of the stucco trade. We have the experience to match any color and texture very closely. Stucco color is achieved using mineral pigments and requires a very experienced applicator to match the color and texture as close as possible.

Q. Do I need to acquire any building permits to have stucco work performed on my home?

A. Most cities and townships do not require any permits to change the exterior cladding on a residence. This is due to the fact that nothing is changing structurally on the residence, therefore no permit is necessary. Check with your local municipal building department prior to any work.

Q. I have seen a lot of different stone designs on houses throughout our neighborhood. What kind of stone does your company install and how do I go about looking at some samples?

A. We install all types of manufactured stone. The color and style is your decision to make. We have multiple sample boards to choose from. We will bring sample boards out to your residence and go over the different styles and colors to suit your particular preference.

Q. I have looked at some of the photos in your gallery. I really like the accent build-outs on some of the featured homes. What is that made out of and can you install those over my existing stucco and brick?

A. The quoins (corner blocks), bands and other build-outs are created using an exterior insulation finish system (E.I.F.S.). Various dimensions of Styrofoam are cut to the proper length and width then adhered to various wall systems (stucco, stone, brick). A protective layer of fiberglass mesh is imbedded in a polymer base coat followed by an acrylic finish. This system is a very cost effective way to add beauty to any residence or commercial building.

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